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Buying a new Car was never that easy !

Carmudi provides you with all the necessary info that you want to know about your favourite car starting from a detailed reviews for its different models and trims. You can also check each model's history, engine specifications, features and design. If you are not familiar with prices, Carmudi will give you comprehensive information about the latest cars prices in UAE cars market.

Less time and less effort to find your next car !

Are you tired of driving through traffic to visit dealerships? Would you like to spend less time negotiating a price? You have found the place to buy your next car in UAE with spending less effort and less time. Forget about all the hassle of buying a car the traditional way. At Carmudi, you can compare between hundereds of car brands and models to get the best deal that suits your expectations.

Reach thousands of potential car sellers and buyers in UAE !

One main advantage of using Carmudi to sell your car online is that your advertisement will reach thousands of daily visitors, which will increase the possibility of your car being sold faster than you can imagine. Carmudi also promotes its content across multiple channels, resulting in more potential car buyers. Using Carmudi will be more informative for the buyer than any other source, since you can post the pictures of the important car parts such as the engine, its front grille, rear, interior and dashboard, leading to more chances of a successful sale.

Easy, simple and safe way to sell your car

Would you like to sell your car online but you're afraid things can get complicated? With Carmudi you don't have to worry about that. Selling your car online has never been this easy. Your car will be advertised and published at Carmudi platform through few simple steps and clicks. Potential buyers can contact you via mobile phone or E-mail. All you need to do is to upload your car details, images and contact information and in just 2 minutes you have prepared your car for sale, and now you can reach plenty of car buyer every day.

Most popular Cars for sale in UAE

Cars differ in the streets of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE, according to the preference and needs of people there. When people start searching for cars for sale in UAE, some of them are into sports cars, sedans cars and other prefer hatchback cars or the stylish coupe cars, but mainly, you will notice that people in the Gulf countries and especially in UAE prefer getting SUVs for the nature of roads and deserts in UAE, in addition to that, people in UAE love to appear larger than life with Crossovers in general.

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